Definitely you can start work with Django framework in one week.

Now we’ll see one by one simple and main topics in Django framework and useful python language topics, which we must have to know for Django framework.

Django Main topics:

  2. Models
  3. urls
  4. forms
  5. Templates
  6. Admin

Above All Topics You can Learn in simple 2,3 days, here you just have to understand the flow of this framework. you can learn very easily because there is no big rocket science behind this. if I saw my past I learned Django in one week. now down we’ll see more useful tricks and tips regarding the Django framework which helps to you understand easily.

Once we create the Project and other applications inside the project we have to register the application name and all packages which we installed in the file.
here you can see the how to register the new applications.
if you don’t have ay idea how to create new projects in Django you can visit this .

In Django work-flow start with models, first, you have to create a model here model means ‘Table’. once you create the model you can use that model to form through after in view you have to start to create a function for your logic and you can connect to that model/form. that particular view will connect with templates. (templates means HTML pages which we’ll show to the client side) inside templates, we’ll use HTML, CSS, and JS for front-end design. every view/template needs routing so for every view we’ll create URLs in the file.

Above all topics are mandatory to learn for understand Django and you can easily learn all in 3,4 days. but after so many little little hooks are there you will experienced once you will start. After you can start learn advance topics for Django with

Now, I hope yo can understand all topics. if you have any queries feel free to comment I’ll look into that asap.


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