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How to Start Coding With Django Framework ?


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Django Framework is a Very useful and very Scalable framework. you can use for web development, API development and more web pages and Services. it is actually open source and free.

Generally Django using a Python Language for coding, means Django is a one framework which is give you path and support to make web page using Python Language.

Requirements for Start Django ?

  • Firstly, you need one code editor like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Visual Studio.
  • My personal recommendation for code editor is Visual Studio Code.
  • Now you have to Install Python in your PC/Leptop. yo can go to this link and install python.
  • Now you ready for start your journey with Django.

Now, we’ll Create the Django Project through CLI.

Congrats !! Finally Django Project is ready.

I believed you can understand the above topic related Django Framework, if you want to know more about you can visit for advance topics for programming. and please feel free to comment if you have any query I’ll look into that asap.

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Have a good day.

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